Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween weekend pictures

I know you've all been waiting anxiously for our pictures, so here they are! This post is quite picture-heavy; blogger and I have had quite a time getting this post up.

Ian's Jack pumpkin that he carved at work in 10 minutes:

Ian's Cybermen pumpkin (from the new Doctor Who series):

My Dalek pumpkin (also from the Doctor Who series):

Our house from the outside. Not quite as many decorations as in previous years but still nice.

The candy and Spooky Town table. Pretty :)

Tonight we went to a Halloween party and we got to dress up!!! Here are pictures of our costumes :)

Braaiiiiins! I'm a zombie!:

A close-up of my zombie face. Ian thought my make-up looked pretty good. I think so, too :) I really like the fake gel blood I had which makes the bloody parts that much more realistic. I hope it comes off easily. The shirt is an old one I had that we cut up and spread blood around on (it doesn't have to come clean).

Ian is Rorschach from Watchmen. This is what we spent so much time getting together the other weekend: the pants and trenchcoat came from Goodwill and I made the mask. I'm quite happy with how the mask turned out.

Finally, a picture of both of us:

Whew! What a lot of pictures and fun this weekend has been.I'm looking forward to sleeping and having a restful sewing day tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Love your pumpkins and costumes!

Robin said...

I should have been able to guess in advance you'd be a zombie! You guys look great :)


manchester fat acceptance said...

BRAAAAAIIIINNNNSSSS!!! I literally laughed out loud at your costume! I love it! Very scary!

manchester fat acceptance said...

oops, ian's costume is very cool too. and the pumpkins. and the decorating. sorry, i just got overexcited.

Anonymous said...

I love that you make a great big deal out of Halloween :) Great pumpkins; great costumes - must have been a blast!
Love, Mom