Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring '08 summaries

Thanks to those of you who gave me some reassurance about the way I'm grieving. I'm beginning to think that I may have grown up a bit since I last experienced much grief. That, and I have many more tools in my toolkit to help me deal with it.

I've been asked to give a summary of current runway clothes - which is the Fall '08 season - and I still need to look at the collections to do the summarize. In the meantime, I thought I'd offer up my summary of the Spring '08 season for women. This season seems to be less about shape and more about colours and patterns.

  • the dress reigns supreme. Whichever colour scheme or style you want, you'll find a dress. There are still a lot of sheaths, trapeze dresses, shirtdresses, long dresses, flowy dresses, drapey dresses, lots of folding and gathering
  • things made out of jersey and other fabrics that are drapey.
  • wide-leg jeans
  • waists are still going up. High-waisted pants and skirts are in for people other than me
  • vests
  • blouses - many are romantic
  • tunics are still around

  • belts - on everything. Put them over a dress or a tunic. Skinny belts, wide belts, you name it. Most are black or natural colours. Some white and metallics are to be expected.
  • big clutches - still. They came in for Fall '07 and they're still around, although they're less shiny and more patent
  • big bags - in bright colours. These aren't quite as big as a few seasons ago, but you can still carry a big part of your life in them
  • big sunglasses

  • gladiator sandals/stilettos/wedges - if you can cage your feet in it or lace it up your leg, that's good
  • platforms
  • ballet flats - especially Mary Jane-types with a strap over the instep
  • wedges - sigh. And here I thought they were leaving. They're still around, but they are tending to be more natural fibres in the wedge than before
  • peep-toed booties - sigh. I didn't much like the booties (an oxford shoe with a stiletto heel) before, although I'm getting used to them. Putting a tiny peep-toe in them looks strange to me.
  • stacked wooden heels/platforms, as well as cork heels

Colours and patterns
  • bright, saturated colours - bright yellow, orange, cherry red, royal blue, fuschia, kelly green - with almost a patent leather look/feel to them. Most often found in accessories, not clothes, although some clothes will be these colours. These colours are found in the floral prints, below. Pair with black.
  • black and white together
  • metallics - silver, gold, and copper - are still popular
  • nude colours are still around.
  • flowers - yes, flowers. Mostly on dresses, and in all sizes, from the small calicoes to big flowers. In all colours as well. There will be a lot of flowers.
  • stripes - there are some nautical influences here, and the stripes are mainly horizontal. I read somewhere that narrow horizontal stripes are slimming. Huh?
  • "painterly" patterns - soft washes of colour. Ombres, dip dyes, and ikats are examples of these patterns.
  • ruffles, gathering, ruching, and some origami are still around - but not used as heavily with the flowered patterns.
I think that's it for the highlights. I'll take a look and see if I can come up with something cohesive for Fall '08.

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Darling Jee said...

Maybe narrow horizontal stripes are slimming if you're built like a chopstick.

I found a cute little dress yesterday. It had a round high collar but was otherwise sleeveless. A-line down to just above the knee. Light synthetic fabric that was very soft and smooth to the touch (sorry I should have looked). But it was the colours that really drew me to it. Black and silver and bright canary yellow. Very Partridge Family actually.

I didn't buy it because I have a problem wearing dresses. They just don't suit my personality I think? Maybe if it goes on sale, I'll buy it to wear around the house :)