Monday, February 25, 2008

The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards were on tonight and we settled in and watched the entire ceremony. I don't care that much about the awards themselves because the movies that I think should win rarely do, but I always like looking at the clothes. :)

This year there were many, many red gowns at the ceremony. I'd say that about half of the women presenting or receiving awards were wearing red - that's a lot, considering that the remaining half were wearing every other colour of the rainbow. Helen Mirren was wearing a particularly lovely gown; it was a strapless red gown with tucks and pleats radiating down from one side, and it had a built-in sparkly shrug with elbow-length sleeves. The shrug looked elegant and covered her upper arms beautifully without competing with or detracting from the dress. And who doesn't love a little sparkle? :)

The ladies on stage who were guiding the award receivers were wearing beautiful gowns, too. One gown was gold and the other silver and both were gorgeous.

This isn't to say that every gown was beautiful. Most were, of course :) However.... I thought that the dress Anne Hathaway was wearing looked a little strange, especially in the back. I think it would have looked better if the flower line had either stopped at the empire waist line or it had continued down the dress to her high hip. That line's placement looked strange and I thought it didn't work so well with the shoulder of her dress on that side. It might have been better to put the strap and flower line on different shoulders, or had them combine, or not had a draped shoulder. The back of the dress also looked odd; it looked like the flower lines should have met at a point in the mid-back but then they decided to raise the back. The back dress line that cut the flower line looked out of place.

Anyways - I enjoyed the evening very much. I'm looking forward to seeing the dresses in upcoming magazines :)

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