Friday, December 14, 2007

Dancing Queen

I danced in my bellydance recital tonight. I had a little bit of trouble with the veil choreography when my sleeve got caught in my hairband but I got that sorted out pretty quickly. Ian said that some of my movements with the veil were choppier than they might have been. Still, I thought that I danced well in that choreography.

I danced very well in the second choreography if I do say so myself. It went very, very well. People told me afterward that I smiled a lot and that I looked comfortable, happy, and enthusiastic. Coincidentally enough, I felt that way :)

At the very end, the organizer invited all of us on stage to dance to this one song. Somehow I wound up in center front (which wasn't very far to the front) because no one wanted to be in front of me. Most of the people were dancing at the sides of the dance area so that people wouldn't see them. I just wanted to dance. I used to go out dancing a lot - not bellydancing, of course - and I miss going out and just shaking it to the music.

I tell you, the recital is the best part of bellydancing :) I'm already looking forward to the next one. Oh yeah, and pictures of me in my costume minus the hip scarf - I drafted and sewed the skirt pattern and also lined and re-sparkled the top - are here.


Darling Jee said...

I love dancing too! I would love to have my own club and dj so I wouldn't have to pay for cover and wait in line and all that other garbage. If you ever decide you want to go out dancing, let me know :)

Tibcat said...

I love your belly dancing look! You look great - I wish we could have seen the dance :)
Love, Mom

Laura W said...

Wow! You look fabulous in your outfit. I hope it got Ian's attention!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful (you are, in the pix)! I disagree that it is heavy makeup tho - I love that look!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome in that outfit! I'm so happy you had a great time performing. You are so brave to perform in front of people! I love dancing but do not like to perform in front of others. I almost thought your hair was that long!


Anonymous said...

You look stunning!