Monday, January 02, 2012

The new year has begun

It feels more like winter out there now, what with all the snow, wind, and dropping temperatures. Not that I minded a rainy start to the new year but this is supposed to be winter.

Ian's off on vacation this week and while he's spending some of his time playing video games, he's also doing a lot of work around the house. We mudded and taped the drywall in the sewing room the other day and Ian sanded and mudded a second coat today. I'm going to have a sewing room soon! I have to pick out a paint colour so that we can paint the room this week after the drywall stuff is done and the room has been primed.

I'm excited because I can start looking at furnishing and tailoring my sewing room again. I'd been looking into these things before but since the room still needed work there was no point in doing too much planning. Now that the room will be painted soon I need to do some planning.

I can hardly wait to have a functional sewing room again. There have been times that I want to sew and I have lots of fabric that I'd love to use but my current setup isn't good for sewing. I'd also like to have an area in the room for sketching so that I can use it for metalsmithing ideas, too. This is definitely a great way to start the new year!

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