Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding a purse

My current purse appears to be on its last legs. The top zipper is coming apart from the panel and some of the binding is starting to come undone. It really looks shabby and I'm starting to feel a bit embarrassed bringing it out. I've been searching for a replacement purse for quite a while and I just haven't been able to find one that I like in my price range. If I was willing to spend a couple of thousand dollars my search would be over but I'm not prepared to spend that much.

I want a top-handled purse that's wider than it is tall and that also has a shoulder strap that I can wear across my body. It needs to have a top zipper, possibly covered by a flap, and at least one big compartment (two is better) as well as at least one small zippered compartment and some interior patch pockets. I'd prefer it to be black, grey, or burgundy/oxblood with silvertone, gunmetal, pewter, or black hardware that isn't too flashy.

For some reason I don't think that it should be hard to find a purse that meets my requirements but it turns out that this quest is next to impossible. I bought one online but it's way too big and looks like a piece of luggage. At this point I'm wondering whether or not I should try to make one. I've thought about trying to buy some leather and making it out of that... but I've never worked with leather before. Making a leather purse might not be all that smart, especially since I don't have a purse pattern ready.

I do have some heavier fabrics and I know I can get some coatings, faux leather or suede, and specialty hardware. I'm thinking that it might be worthwhile to try my hand at making my own purse. We'll see... I'm still thinking it over. Every time I search and cannot find the purse I want, the idea of making my own purse is more and more appealing.

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