Friday, October 30, 2009

Just being at home

While I was away I wasn't able to watch all of the tv shows that Ian and I usually watch. Ian recorded all of those shows for me and my instructions from Ian this week have been to watch all of the recorded programs I missed. In other words, I'm supposed to watch tv. I can handle that :)

Sadly, I accidentally erased a couple of programs that Ian hadn't seen yet - I just couldn't keep which ones he'd watched in my head. I should have written down the names and dates of the shows that Ian had watched. Or not watched, whichever.

While watching tv, I've been able to engage in my other favourite activity: surfing the internet. And buying things from time to time (all the stuff I bought was on sale and I wanted it, so that's ok, right?)

In other news, another young woman I know has died of metastatic breast cancer. She had brain mets, and then they came back, and then she started to do worse and worse. She went into hospice on Wednesday and died yesterday. It's so sad - she leaves her kids and husband behind. We'd been sending her stuff to help keep her spirits up because we knew that she wasn't doing well. Losing someone you know and love is always sad. I met this woman once and she was so beautiful, inside and out. I wish I'd known her better.

There's been so much loss here... how is it even possible that so many people I know would die in one year? I hate cancer.

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Robin said...

Cancer sucks. does accidentally erasing programs. You can find the episodes of the programs on download sites. Then you can buy a media player and attach it to your TV. Then put your downloaded show on a USB, plug the USB into the media center and voila - no more missing shows! Hypothetically, that is. I wouldn't know from experience or anything. Oh no. I'm honest (mostly).

Ahem. Anyway, love you :)