Saturday, October 03, 2009

Can't ever have too many zombies!

Space has been showing a bunch of zombie movies in honour of Zombieland opening this weekend (a movie I'd very much like to see). Among the movies the tv channel showed was Fido, which we'd wanted to see when it was in theatres but we didn't get around to it. So we recorded it and watched it today.

It's pretty funny. It's sort of like the video game Fallout in that it's set in an alternate version of the 50s. The world in Fallout is a post-apocalyptic, anarchic warzone. In the movie's case, there have been zombie outbreaks and people live in well-groomed walled-off cities. Technology has been developed in these areas so that zombies can be made docile and trained, sort of like dogs or slaves, to perform simple tasks.

Fido is a fairly light-hearted look at zombies. These zombies can bite - and eat, drink, or smoke, if they want to! - and have some rudimentary thinking abilities. So they're all well-controlled with stuff under the surface, just like the 50s, really, which makes the movie that much more interesting. But what happens when a person starts to like a zombie more than the nearby humans?And what happens if a zombie's docile state is interrupted? Can a zombie develop feelings for people or other zombies?

In some ways I guess this movie could be thought of as a commentary on slavery or repression- ie slaves are people too, and can love and be loved. But you don't need to see it that way to enjoy this movie. There are lots of funny jokes and situations. There's very little gore aside from the usual zombie-eats-human gore, and even that is understated. We recommend this one.

About cooking... we do have a crock pot and I have used it before for dinner. I made a yummy pot roast one time. Crock pots are wonderful because you can just throw stuff in and let it cook all day. My sister has a delicious ribs recipe that she makes; when it's done, the meat just falls off the bone. Yum!

With me leaving for Edmonton, I won't be making supper for Ian for a while. However, I'll have lots of time to think of and collect yummy recipes to try.

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Angel - Having a Nemesis said...

Fido was filmed in the city where I grew up (which I discovered while actually *watching* the movie - "Hey, that looks like the garden behind my old high school.......wait.....I USED TO GET DRUNK THERE AND THINK I WAS COOL RIGHT BEHIND THAT BIG TOPIARY!!!"

That's pretty much all the interesting tidbits I had regarding Fido ;)

Enjoy Edmonton! The temperature is getting pretty chilly here so pack a sweater and a raincoat since it feels/looks like it is either going to rain or snow at any given moment (it rained today) (which is still better than snow).