Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun at the dentist

I got to see the dentist this morning - lucky me. They were doing their usual check when all of a sudden they said that my old amalgam fillings needed to be replaced. Sigh. I've also managed to lose my teeth whitening trays and so needed them to make new ones for me which they didn't have time to do at my 8:30am appointment.

Fortunately(?) the office had a cancellation at 10:40am so I was able to come back to have my fillings replaced and to get my trays re-done. Two fillings, one on each side of my upper jaw, needed to be replaced and so I ended up quite chipmunk-like from the freezing. I get extra freezing because it doesn't "take" very well in me. A few hours after the appointment was over I was still pretty frozen and needed to eat... let's just say that it's a good thing that no one was here to see that.

At least all that is over now and my whitening trays will be ready next week. My dentist is also getting a pre-approval for a new night mouthguard from my insurance company as my current nightguard is three years old. I asked my dentist how often people replaced theirs and she said that some replace it twice a year or once a year (!). So between that and my new fillings it's probably a good idea to get a new nightguard. Hopefully the insurance won't be a problem.

I also had to have my tumour markers and other bloodwork done today which is scheduled to be done through my port because my veins are so bad. By the time I was done all that at around 2pm, I was feeling very tired and sore so I had a brief nap. I didn't get quite enough sleep and my face was still sore and poufy so I was quite cranky early this evening.

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