Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hello there, side effects

Up until yesterday I thought that I might possibly get off easy with respect to side effects. I thought that maybe, since the treatment was so targeted, I wouldn't have too much pain or fatigue. So much for that; I'm definitely noticing side effects today.

It could be that I overdid it yesterday (Gozer decided that she needed a 4km walk in the rain yesterday afternoon), or it could be that the mild lymphedema swelling which extends to my chest and side is increasing the side effects, or it could be that this is naturally when the side effects really start to show up. Or it could be a combination of these or other factors; whatever the immediate cause, I'm noticing a marked uptick in sternal pain. My sternum is now achy much of the time and gives me occasional sharper pain. The pain is somewhat dulled because of my regular painkillers but it's definitely there.

To manage the pain I'm taking additional painkillers, which increases the fatigue I'm also experiencing. As I write this I'm thinking I'll need to make dinner soon and the thought of getting up and doing all of that - including all that standing - is exhausting. I don't know that I can sleep but I want to try... Even if "trying" is just zoning out in front of the TV.

I did do my lymphatic massage exercises this afternoon. Hopefully that will diminish whatever impact the lymph fluid buildup is having on the side effects.


manchester fat acceptance said...

Oh those side effects sound shitty. Sorry to read that things are going a bit pear-shaped. Sounds like you and Ian are taking good care of you though.

Margaret said...

So proud of you doing your exercises when you are feeling so droopy. I know as some days it seems like the only thing I'm capable of doing is watching tv. Reading requires too much brain power. I don't have anything like you do, but my problems leave me tired and in pain so I do understand some of your issues. If I don't take care of the pain, I get cranky so I use that as a "take care of this" notice from my body.

I think of you often with love
Aunt Margaret