Saturday, March 05, 2016

A new bed

I thought about doing a red carpet post but I've been having trouble with my right wrist; the tendonitis I had in 1999 appears to be flaring up again. Typing isn't the easiest thing in the world, unfortunately. If the dresses were especially interesting I might have made more of an effort ... but in a way, as designers have more control over what award show attendees wear and as people are more afraid of what people on the internet might say about them, what people wear on the red carpet is so much less interesting than it used to be.

Anyways. Today - finally! - we went shopping for a new bed. We bought our last mattress over a decade ago and it's been on an ikea queen-size 3-part metal futon frame that whole time. The mattress has sagged and every time Ian rolls over at night (which is often), the whole bed sways from side to side. It's like being at sea (or what I imagine being at sea is like, since I've never actually been) but much less regular.

We went to Sleep Country, where we tried different softnesses. We (meaning I) strongly preferred the softest bed, and we both had a slight preference for pocket coils over memory foam. We also discovered that we wanted the mattress on a platform instead of a boxspring because the platform causes the bed to move so, so, so much less when either person moves around. Oh, and we decided on a king size bed, and it'll be delivered on Wednesday.

Of course size we changed mattress sizes, we needed all new sheets and a new duvet. We ended up buying them there because there won't be time to go and buy all of it at a cheaper price somewhere else before the mattress is delivered. All of that - including pillows and mattress and pillow covers - ended up costing about 40% of the total price. We think they may make a lot of money on all of that.

Above I said we'd finally gone shopping for a bed because we've needed one for a very long time. My back and hips are bad and our bed makes it worse. Add to that the aforementioned swaying and I haven't slept well in our bed in ages. I'm very much looking forward to the new bed, even though there's so much work to do to prepare.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

heyyyyyyyy i didn't notice you were back :) . i stopped checking your blog a few months ago, and then i got busy with work. so much to catch up on!!! work was kinda dead so i read all of the missed posts.

i need a new bed soon so i appreciate your thoughts. my back is getting worse and worse and i need a mattress that will support it better.