Friday, February 06, 2015

Oncologist appointment

Gozer seems to be doing much better on her new food. Her urine is a good colour, she loves the food, and she doesn't seem to be licking any more than usual. The food does make her drink a LOT more so we have to be sure she gets lots of chances to pee during the day - at least every three or four hours. I'm very happy that she's doing ok.

I saw my oncologist this week and we're taking out my portacath. It comes out on March 2. I've read that the surgery is quite easy - even easier than going in. That's good because I had a hard time when it went in because my pain wasn't fully under control. And I'm a bit of a wimp. It feels strange to think about it taken out because I thought I'd never be without it. Honestly, I didn't think I'd make it this long -  I'm definitely one of the outliers, survivor-wise.

Not having my port will be nice because it won't show anymore and I won't feel it in my neck (the catheter part loops up by my neck). The healing will be a bit tricky because I won't be able to life anything for a few days (including Gozer) and I won't want anyone jumping on me (including Gozer) or touching it (including Gozer).

My tumour markers were at 36 which is still good. So... good news all around!


Robin said...

Awesome news about the port - I hope the removal goes as smoothly as possible for you :)

Anonymous said...

Such good news! Port coming out, tumor markers OK, and Pup doing better. One of our cats has the same thing - crystals in his urine. We are on the second food as the first one didn't clear it up. Just glad we caught it! Keep doing well.
Aunt Margaret