Monday, March 17, 2014

Not much happening here

So.... it's looking less and less likely that I'll be finishing the Academy Awards red carpet post. The more time that passes, the less likely I am to finish a red carpet post, even if I started it early on. I just felt so awful for so long and I couldn't get it together to do the post.

Nothing much of anything other than me feeling sick has been happening. I'm feeling mostly better now but I still have a bit of a cough and my eyes are still a little icky and I'm still tired. It doesn't help that Gozer has taken up barking when we go to bed. We don't really know why she's doing it; I think it's related to me being in the bath.

At night we do our bedtime routine where she goes into the backyard, gets her cheeky stuff and her eye drop, and then she goes into her kennel for which she is rewarded a cookie and the kennel closes. I then run my bath and about 15 minutes later, she starts barking. It isn't just a bark; it's like a grrrrrrrrRUFF! The first few times, we took her into the backyard for a pee and tried to get her back into her kennel but she wanted a cuddle. After that, we ignored her. She continues barking every few minutes until she chooses to stop.

I think that stopping point is coming earlier and earlier now. The first time she did it, she barked all night long and kept us awake. Then she was stopping shortly after I finished my bath and went to bed. Last night I don't think she barked at all and I hope that this means that she's not going to do the barky thing again.

Aside from being a Barky McBarkerson, she's doing quite well. And so am I :)


manchester fat acceptance said...

hey, don't worry about the red carpet post. we look forward to it but it's good just to hear from you in whatever way. glad you are doing better health-wise, and hopefully Gozer will keep adjusting to the training.



Anonymous said...

Not to fret about the red carpet post. I've appreciated the past posts and learned a LOT! Now I look at the outfits with new eyes. Take good care of yourself..

Aunt Margaret