Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photo comments

It turns out that I can allow comments for the album and for individual photos of the backgrounds :) You need to be viewing the photo (not just the gallery view) to add a comment for that photo.

Feel free to add comments to the individual photos about what you like and don't like. Once again, the photos are here. Thanks very much for your help - I really appreciate it.

Edit: Photos have been rearranged so that the earrings are in columns. Thanks for the suggestions :)


Unknown said...

I am feeling a great need to sort the photos into a background x earring array. I am assuming each row is a different background, but it would really help me to have the earrings in columns.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Fabulous photos. The clear crystal seems to take on a different color with different backgrounds. I like the different sets displayed according to how accurate the color rendition is. Have you tried a single ear ring on a mirror?

Darling Jee said...

Oh yeah, the columns are great! It's so much easier to compare them now. It looks like I'm still very partial to the last grey background. I'll be interested to see what you do for the "not light" earrings :)